what’s the point?

Happy Hawley Days – Where did it come from?

At the beginning of my journey as a stay at home mom, I was miserable. I quit my teaching job, where I was constantly surround by people, to stay home with an infant. I realized very quickly that I was isolated and in desperate need of people. For me, this territory was very new. I did not know how to navigate life as a first time mom and I started to have a lot of resentment for my daughter, my husband, and my friends. A few months in, I started reading a book called One Thousand Gifts, by Ann Voskamp. Throughout the book, Ann shares her journey of life and her quest to find gratitude, while daring you to fully embrace your life and find freedom right where you are. She seeks to find one thousand blessings that bring her joy. Some where simple things, like the wind blowing outside. When was the last time I noticed the wind?

I took the challenge to find one thousand things that bring me joy, starting with the seemingly insignificant things. I started to notice the way the afternoon sun would shine on the tree in my backyard and how beautiful it was. I noticed the way my daughter’s face would light up when I would sit with her and read a story. I found joy in the mess of Cheerios on the floor, because it meant that my daughter was provided for that day. Those small things started to bring me so much joy and I started to make my way out of my funk that I had been in for those first few months. With my heart filled with joy and a better outlook on my new role, I was able to get involved with a Mommy and Me group at a local church. Through that, the Lord provided me with new mom friends and Madison with sweet baby friends. Another blessing.

Recently, I started wrestling with God about my purpose. I know that it is my purpose to raise Madison and be a godly example for her, but was that it? What about me and my hobbies? I got this idea to start a blog to share about the joy, struggles, and mess of motherhood and life, for no other reason than to have a creative outlet for myself. If, along the way, another momma is inspired by my journey, then my space is open for friendship, laughter, prayers, support, and encouragement.

Not every day in the Hawley house is happy, but we have abundant blessings and hearts filled with His love. I hope to encourage all of you to find joy in your here and now. Seek after the Lord and let Him show you all that He has blessed you with. Come back and share your stories of joy with me.

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