pop-pop and his flower girls

My pop-pop was a man of few words. In fact, I can’t remember a time when we had a conversation. He was an old Amish man who worked hard to take care of his family and kept to himself. As withdrawn as he was, he loved his granddaughters very much. My cousin, Megan, and I were a year a part and pretty much inseparable growing up. As little girls, just learning to walk, we would run around mom-mom and pop-pop’s yard and pick flowers for everyone in our family. That sparked a tradition for our dear old pop-pop. When I was just four years old, Megan three, pop-pop started the flower tradition. Every year for Easter and Mother’s Day, pop-pop would take us to the local greenhouse to pick out flowers for our mother’s and grandmother’s. We would spend hours running up and down the aisles of the greenhouse, finding the prettiest flowers. When we were satisfied with our flower choices, pop-pop would drive us all around town so we could deliver them to our families. We would take a lunch break at McDonald’s for a kids meal and ice cream cone. As a kid, that was such a treat!! Then our journey would continue until the last stop, mom-mom and pop-pop’s house. Megan and I would recap all of the adventures of the day with mom-mom, while pop-pop sat quietly in his chair, completely disengaged. Those were some of the sweetest memories and my quiet pop-pop taught me a very important lesson about life and love. Actions speak louder than words.

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