2017 recap

As 2017 comes to an end, I find myself reminiscing on all that 2017 had to offer. It was a year of big accomplishments and a lot of firsts for our family. It was a year of great worry, big decisions, and a lot of Jesus. This year we’ve had to learn to “let go and let God”.

Personally, I’ve struggled a lot this year. I’ve struggled with my identity and my purpose. I’ve struggled with adjusting to life as a stay at home mom. I’ve struggled with loving my husband as greatly as I should. I’ve struggled with friendships and relationships with family members. I’ve struggled with time management and motivation. I’ve struggled with self-care and putting myself first when necessary. I struggled with discontentment and feeling satisfied. Because of all that I struggled with this year, I’ve found a deeper relationship with Jesus and learned what it truly means to trust Him. This year has brought a lot of growing and maturing spiritually and I am excited for all that 2018 has to offer.

The highlights of 2017

January- Madison’s first (and second) beach trip. Heather and Mitchell came to visit.

February- Logan and I had a romantic (surprise) picnic dinner at the beach. We shared our hearts and dreamt about our future.

March- Madison’s first Disney trip. Nana and Pappy came to visit. My first week trip without the family. Madison started eating solid foods. Madison’s first hospital visit – we found out she was allergic to milk. Madison’s first wedding – Morgan and Evan.

April- Madison’s first Easter and first trip to the Naples Zoo. Second Disney trip (and first time with the stomach bug)

May- Quit my job to stay home. Graduated from Liberty University with my Masters Degree (Officially Chelsea Hawley, M.Ed)

June- Our first house. Last intensive at Liberty.

July- Spontaneous St. Augustine getaway. joined Mommy & Me at Refuge church where Madison had her first playdate and made her first friends.

August- Maddie and I took a three week trip to Pennsylvania. Madison went on her first train ride and her first horse and buggy ride. Celebrated my 25th birthday and Madison’s first birthday!! We survived the first year!!!

September- Hurricane Irma hit Florida and we made it into a two week vacation. We road tripped: Fort Myers, FL – Savannah, GA – Lynchburg, VA – Lancaster, PA – Lynchburg, VA – Fort Myers, FL. Madison and Logan both went to their first (and second) college football game. Go Flames! Madison started walking!!

October- Madison’s first time picking pumpkins. This year’s halloween theme: Wild Animals. Cheetah (Mommy), Fox (Daddy), Elephant (Maddie).

November- Logan’s 22nd birthday. Our 2nd anniversary. Logan got a new truck. Partnered with Hoops on Mission for their annual turkey drive. Got annual passes for Disney. enjoyed Thanksgiving weekend at the most magical place on earth.

December- Had our last Disney trip of the year. visited the Edison & Ford winter estates with our family. Madison’s first bike ride. Partnered with Hoops on Mission for their 4th annual Bibles and Basketball’s drive. Spent Christmas in St. Augustine.

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