goals for 2018

I really hate new years resolutions. They make me feel like a failure. Every year I make them with the idea that I am going to completely change who I am and make a new life for myself. It’s about time I face the facts: IT’S NOT GONNA HAPPEN. Last years resolutions looked a lot like this: 1. cut out sugar  2. run everyday  3. stop eating fast food  4.provide more financially for the family

In case your wondering, I accomplished NONE of those. I start my morning off with a cup of tea with a spoonful of sugar. I have a sweet tooth larger than Canada and I can never turn down a brownie. I signed up for a half marathon with great aspirations of becoming an avid runner. I ran three times this year and my half marathon is in February…I will finish that race. We eat chick fil a at least five times a week. It’s the only meat my picky toddler will eat and I really hate to cook. #4, I must’ve thought I was a jokester or something. I mean…really?!

I remember sitting down to write those resolutions and thinking about how they would improve my health and my family. I was so motivated to change my lifestyle and become a better version of myself. If I’m honest, I knew when I wrote them I wouldn’t be able to stick to them.

So, this year I decided to be realistic with myself. I decided to focus on my mental and spiritual health, in hopes that strengthening those areas will help me to have an overall healthier lifestyle. I spent a lot of time figuring out what I care about and what will bring me the most joy in 2018. I thought about what would be the most meaningful to myself, my family, and my community. I searched scripture and prayed that the Lord would show me the areas in my life that I should focus on. In that time, I came up with 6 goals for 2018.

1. Read 100 Books – I am a big book nerd. I have always loved reading, but when life got busy it was the first thing to go. Sports, friends, classwork, projects, events, teaching, grading, husband, child — there was no time for reading. When I became a stay at home mom, I started reading to Madison every day and realized how much I missed it. Finding new books and supporting new authors has brought me great joy in the last few months and I want to continue that next year. I particularly enjoy Christian authors and fiction novels. If you have a favorite book or a must read, leave it in the comments. 🙂

2. Read through the Bible in chronological order – I’ve read through the New Testament many times and I’ve read many stories in the Old Testament, but I’ve never read the Bible in chronological order. I’ve been fascinated lately with the history behind different books. Who wrote it? Why was it written? Who was it written for? What was the time period? etc. I believe that reading the Bible in chronological order will give me a deeper understanding of who God is and what His Word truly means. If anyone has a good Bible reading plan or would like an accountability partner, let me know!

3. Get involved with a local non-profit – Matthew 22:36-40 says that the greatest commandment is to love God and to love others. One of the best ways I know to love God and others is to get involved in a local non-profit. A few years ago, some of my good friends, Dwayne and Karyna Jackson, started a local non-profit called Hoops On Mission that shares the love of Jesus with the youth in our community. Check out their website or follow them on instagram to see how they are impact the lives of children in our community. If you are able, please consider donating to their cause.

4. Unplug for at least one hour each day – Hi, I’m Chelsea and I’m addicted to social media. Seriously, it’s a problem. When I don’t have my phone next to me, I feel like I’m missing a limb. Social media has consumed me, made me discontent, and taken away from my family. Some of you may think I’m being dramatic, while others of you are nodding your heads saying “yes girl, I get it”. So, for an hour every day, I’m going to turn off my phone, tv, computer, ipad, etc. and be intentional with my family. It is my hope that this hour will become two-three eventually, but like I said, I’m being realistic this year.

5. Write a new blog post once a week – Writing is an outlet for me. It brings me joy to share with all of you what is going on in our lives. To share the joys and sorrows and all that Jesus is doing in my life. I know there are bloggers out there who make a great living from blogging, and hey, maybe one day that will be me. But for now, I do it because I love it. Because I want to share in this space with other moms who may be in the same stage of life. Who may be dealing with similar struggles or who are year ahead in the mommy life and have wisdom to share.

6. Shop more small business – As the wife of a small business owner, I have come to understand the hard work and dedication it takes to be successful. I also understand the value of loyal customers and people willing to support your dreams. Over the past year, I’ve come across some small businesses owned by women who I admire and have been encouraged by. So, this year I want to support the dreams of those around me and shop small. If you have any favorite shops for womens clothes, baby products/clothes, or home decor, please share! **P.S. This one was inspired by a sweet friend, Jasmine Sweigart. Check her out on instagram, she’s fabulous.**

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